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Adites sandakan sp. n. 

Adites sandakan
(x 1.38)

7-8mm, possible 10, 11mm. This species and the next are somewhat smaller than bizonoides, with the subbasal fasciae of the forewing slightly more emphatic and strongly flexed. The male genitalia have the third cornutus in the vesica more equal in size to the other two, the latter being slightly curved in sandakan. The subbasal spur to the sacculus is asymmetric, directed distad in sandakan, and the valve apex is rather spatulate, the distal saccular process bearing a small number of spines that are broader than in any other species. Possible females (slides 5254, 5282) have strong pouches flanking the ostium, as discussed under bizonoides.

Holotype Sandakan, BORNEO, (W.B. Pryer), BM arctiid slide 5296.

Paratypes: 1 (slide 5298) Sandakan, BR.N. BORNEO, 25.11.189[?] (Pryer); 2 (slide 5312) B.N. BORNEO: Kretam, 1950 (J.D.H. Hedley); 1 (slide 5290) SABAH: Ulu Dusun, 30mls W. of Sandakan, 28-31.i.1976 (E.W. Classey); 1 (slide 5291) SABAH: Poring, 1800ft., E. of Mt. Kinabalu, 20-23.i.1976 (E.W. Classey).

Other material. There are further undissected males from Sandakan and Kretam. The possible females are from the Poring locality and from the Danum Valley Field Centre.

Geographical range. Borneo (all records from eastern Sabah).

Habitat preference. All material is from the lowlands, including some coastal localities (Sandakan, Kretam). 

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