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Cabarda Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: molliculana Walker, Borneo.

The species in this genus appear to be intermediate between those of Lyclene and those of the next genus, Adites Moore. The forewing facies consists of red markings on a white ground, very similar to that of Adites except for a mark at the centre of the costa between the antemedial and the postmedial, consisting of a red ellipse ringed by white then red. This area is expanded and more heavily scaled in the male (venation in Fig 4b). However, the male abdomen grades progressively browner distally as in Lyclene.

Fig 4b: Cabarda sequens Walker

The male genitalia have valves as in Lyclene with strong apical costal and saccular processes. The aedeagus vesica has a diagnostic patch of short but robust conical spines and, in the type species, a single, much larger cornutus.

The female has a long ductus much as in Barsine Walker, and a bursa with a dark, finely scobinate basal portion, the very base of which contains irregular arrays of spines, a narrow band of which extends just into the clear distal portion. The seventh segment has small lateral pockets.

Apart from the type species, the genus also contains C. nigripuncta Wileman & South comb. n. (Philippines: Mindanao).

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