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Cyana tettigonioides Heylaerts  
Leptothrix tettigonioides Heylaerts, 1892, Annls Soc. ent. Belg., 36: 47.
Exotrocha haemacta Snellen, 1896, Tijdschr. Ent., 39: 160.

Cyana tettigonioides
(approx. lifesize)

The facies of this species is uncharacteristic of the genus (see the generic description), with its narrow, blackish wings, the forewing cell filled with an elongate red triangle and the hindwing with an extensive triangular transparent zone. However, the male has a raised androconial patch on the underside of the forewing at one third, and a corresponding slight ridge on the upperside.

Geographical range. Sundaland, Palawan.

Habitat preference. A single specimen was taken in lower montane forest at 1000m on G. Mulu.

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