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Cyana infantula Hampson  
Chionaema infantula Hampson, 1900, Cat. Lepid. Phalaenae Br. Mus., 2: 319,326.

Cyana infantula
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The insect is small, satiny white except for black discal spots, two to three in the male and two longitudinal ones in the female. The male costa is yellowish below, with a smudge of pinkish scales extending over the discal zone where, in the female, the two spots are expressed.

Taxonomic note. The male genitalia are indistinguishable from those of flavalba Rothschild from Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, which differs externally only in having straight yellow ante- and postmedial fasciae and a yellow distal margin. C. harterti Elwes (Hong Kong, with specimens from Taiwan and Okinawa) is also very similar externally, but was not dissected. A pure white male from Semongok (see below), smaller and lacking black dots on the forewing, may only be an aberration; the genitalia (slide 5459) have somewhat reduced spining in the aedeagus vesica but are otherwise as in infantula.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. Recent material seen consists of three specimens from lowland secondary forest at Semongok near Kuching, two in a similar habitat at Lamunin in Brunei and one taken at 1500m in montane scrub on the limestone G. Api. Older material suggests this is a lowland species that can persist in disturbed areas.

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