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Nudaria sundamollis sp. n.

Nudaria sundamollis (Java)
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5, 6 (Java) mm. This is a smaller, greyer species than phallustortens, resembling mollis in external features. The grey markings on the forewing are darker at the margin, with that at the tornus particularly prominent. The male genitalia of mollis and the new species are similar, with asymmetry in the valve ornamentation, a rather convex valve costa and an aedeagus bent back on itself. These features, apart from the asymmetry, are seen also in the type species of Palaeopsis. The right valve has the process at the centre of the costa directed basad, globose and spined in sundamollis, but asymmetrically tongue-like and directed to the centre of the valve in mollis. The distal process of the right costa is more slender in sundamollis. On the left valve the costa is broader and much more convex in mollis, the distal process of the costa also broader. The Javan specimen (slide 5161) has the costal processes at the apex of both valves larger and more angled, and the left valve is narrower, the costa somewhat straighter. Interior to the most strongly curved portion of the left valve costa in mollis is a small group of short, broad setae.

Holotype . [BORNEO]: Pulo Laut (Doherty), BM arctiid slide 5154. (This is the specimen referred to under N. discipuncta by Hampson (1900).)

Geographical range. Borneo, Java.

Habitat preference. Pulo Laut is a low lying island at the south-east of Borneo.

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