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Chamaita sp. 5263

Chamaita sp. 5263
(x 1.63)

There is an additional taxon represented only by a female (slide 5263) that has similar venation to sundanympha with veins from the cell reduced to eight (only one anterior to the bifurcate system) but has much stronger and slightly redder maculation to the forewing, the spots more varied in size, particularly in the submarginal. The genitalia are similar to those of neuropteroides (e.g. slide 5136) with a simple, pyriform bursa with a field of coarse spines within it. These spines are more central (c.f distal) than in neuropteroides. The single specimen is from lowland forest at about 300m in the Ulu Temburong of Brunei. A male from Peninsular Malaysia (slide 5134) may be referable to this female. It has genitalia as in Fig. 279.

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