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Eutane Walker

Type species: terminalis Walker, Australia.

The type species of this genus has yellow and black wings, the forewing with several bands and the hindwing with a black border. The male genitalia have the costa strongly arched, the valve apex rounded, with the saccular spine adjacent to this apex, separated from it by a small, square excavation. There is a distally directed triangular process in the centre of the valve. The aedeagus vesica has three clusters of spines on moderate diverticula. The facies and male genitalic features are similar to those of Asura Walker (see Asura Walker). The female has the ductus and basal part of the bursa sclerotised, with a scobinate signum in the distal part of the latter. The ovipositor lobes are rather rounded. The larvae feed on lichens (Common, 1990)..

The facies and, in one case, the genitalia of the two Bornean species included by Hampson (see "Eutane" nivea Hampson, "Eutane" alba Hampson) indicate they are unrelated to the type species as indicated below, but no better placement could be discovered.

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