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Teulisna reflexa sp. n. 

Teulisna reflexa
(x 1.30)

12mm. The black patch in the forewing is more elongate than in any other close Bornean relative, starting from a more basal position on the wing. The hindwings have a straw-coloured ground, with diffuse grey bands medially and marginally. The male genitalia have the costal process club-like and the saccular process hooked as in atratella and allies, but the former is relatively smaller and the latter longer, very strongly reflexed. The saccus and structures are small. The aedeagus has a shark-fin process apically, and the vesica is rather globular, with no prominent cornuti.

Holotype SABAH: Mt. Kinabalu, 5000ft, 3.5.1973 (K.M Guichard), BM arctiid slide 2635.

Paratypes: 1 Bukit Retak, L.P.238, 1465 metres, BRUNEI, 18.x. 1978 (T. W. Harman); 1 Mesilau, 1500m; 1 Park H.Q., 1620m, SABAH, Mt. Kinabalu, vii-ix. 1965, Cambridge Expedition to Mt. Kinabalu 1965 (H.J. Banks, H.S. Barlow & J.D. Holloway).

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. This is a rare montane species found at around 1500m.

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