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Poliosia marginata Hampson  
Lithosia marginata Hampson, 1900, Cat. Lepid. Phalaenae Br. Mus., 2:107.
Poliosia ampla van Eecke, 1920, Zool. Meded. Leiden, 5:137, syn. n.

Poliosia marginata (x 1.30)

Poliosia marginata Hampson

Diagnosis. The insect is a pale straw colour, the hindwings with a slightly darker border and, in the male, a black, elliptical androconial patch subcostally at one third. The hindwings are of perhaps equal or greater area relative to the forewings. The next two species are similar but distinctly darker.

Taxonomic note. No significant difference in the male genitalia of marginata and ampla was noted.

Geographical range. Borneo, Java.

Habitat preference. The species is frequent in lowland dipterocarp forests, but has not been taken above 1000m where it is rare.

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