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Euconosia Watson

Type species: aspersa Walker, Borneo.

Synonym: Conosia Hampson (type species aspersa Walker) praeocc.

This Sundanian genus has forewing venation with three bifurcate systems arising from the distal part of the cell as in Eugoa Walker, Cyclosiella Hampson and Trischalis Hampson, discussed later (see Eugoa Walker group of genera). R1 anastomoses with Sc as in Eugoa. However, one vein has been lost, probably M2 as in other Lithosiini. The forewings are more elongate, apically acute, with the tornus slightly falcate (Fig 2h).

Fig 2h: Euconosia aspersa Walker

The male genitalia have the valves simply divided, more as in some of the Lithosiini genera (the structure of the first tergite is also more as in these genera); the dorsal part of the valve is at least partially fringed with dense, short hairs. The saccus is squarish, with an excavate distal margin. The aedeagus vesica is simple, with a cornutus present in some species on the end of one diverticulum. The eighth segment is short, modified.

The female genitalia have a short ductus and a large, pyriform bursa, within which are two scobinate signa as in other Lithosiini. The bursa in Eugoa and allies lacks signa but often has more general spining.

All three known species are treated below.

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