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Mantala Walker

Type species: tineoides Walker, Borneo.

This is a monobasic genus endemic to Borneo. It is characterised by striking sexual modification of the male where there is a conspicuous rhomboidal brush of dorsally directed scales at the base of the forewing, commencing at Rs in the cell, and another more irregular tuft below the wing on an expanded central lobe of the dorsum. The cell is short in the male, not extending beyond the upper brush of scales; it extends further in the female. The venation illustrated in Fig 1f from Hampson (1900) has the cell too long (it does not extend beyond the centre of the wing) for a male. The male antennae are robust, bristly, ciliate.

Fig 1f: Mantala tineoides Walker

In the male genitalia, the capsule is elongate with a rather deep, triangular saccus, the valves narrow, undivided, and the uncus shouldered at its attachment to the tegumen. The aedeagus vesica has two lobes, one long, one short, each ending in a tuft of spines.

The female has rather rounded ovipositor lobes, a rather swollen sclerotised base to the ductus, and a long corpus bursae that expands gradually distally.

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