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“Eilema” pulvereola Hampson
Ilema pulvereola Hampson, 1900, Cat. Lepid. Phalaenae Br. Mus., 2:170.

"Eilema"? pulvereola (x 1.32)

The wings are pale fawn-brown, the forewings darker than the hindwings, with the margin on the underside (females only) grading slightly darker brown. The forewing cell extends to about two-thirds, and the veins distal to it run mostly rather close to each other, the radial sector branching system being ((R3, R4) R5), with M1 well separate.

Taxonomic note. The male genitalia have the valves simple, with a saccular process. The aedeagus is short, broad with an apical spur; the vesica is globular with one diverticulum, all scobinate, and has one large and one small cornutus. The females are only tentatively associated on coloration and venation, but have a ductus bursae that is very narrow and perhaps therefore incompatible with the aedeagus of the male. The bursa is elongate, irregularly shaped and rather thickened; there are no signa.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype male was collected in the 19th Century in S.E. Borneo. The possible females were found to be infrequent in lowland forest of all types, including heath forest, during the Mulu survey, with one specimen taken at 900m on the limestone G. Api.

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