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“Eilema” females  

"Eilema" (5379)
(x 1.32)

Two further females, undoubtedly conspecific, were taken at 1465m in montane forest on Bukit Retak (slide 5379) on the same date as the paratype of pseudocretacea from that locality and in coastal forest at Seria (slide 5392), both in Brunei. It is not clear whether they relate to “Eilema” species such as the last five treated above (e.g. a possible female for sandakana) or to the next genus as their facies is typical of species such as Brunia antica, but also typical of many Eilema with grey forewings and a pale costal zone. The genitalia have a bursa with a tubular basal section with a broad appendix and an expanded distal part with two nipple-like signa. The basal part is broadly sclerotised except for a distinctive lacuna around the appendix.

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