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Trischalis Hampson

Type species: flava Hampson = absconditana Walker, Sri Lanka.

The type species of the genus is a junior synonym of absconditana Walker. The type locality was blank in the original description but stated to be Sarawak (A.R. Wallace material) by Hampson (1900). No other material from Borneo or other parts of Sundaland has been located, nor has the species been taken in recent surveys. Therefore it is likely that Hampson was mistaken.

The species have similar forewing shape, coloration and venation to Cyclosiella, but the male genitalia are very different. The valves are simple, laminar, without processes, and symmetrical. The juxta is pocket-like, set between the valve bases. The two species in Borneo have this juxta very large; they also have a much reduced, almost vestigial uncus. The aedeagus is simple, the vesica unadorned or lightly scobinate.

The female genitalia have the ductus and neck to the pyriform bursa long and narrow; the new Bornean species has an appendix bursae.

The genus is found throughout the Indo-Australian tropics, its number being completed by iridescens Rothschild and aureoplagiata Rothschild from New Guinea, and convoluta Hampson from the Philippines.

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