The Eugoa Walker group of genera
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Malesia van Eecke

Type species: eugoana van Eecke.

The relation of the two Bornean females discussed below to this genus is tentative. The general facies matches well, but the forewing venation, similar to Holocraspedon but with the (R2, R3) and (R4, R5) systems sharing a common stalk, differs slightly from the typical male material from Java where the (R2, R3) system is entirely fused. Also, with different sexes, matching by dissection is not possible. The typical male has not been dissected. The female has long apodemes as in Holocraspedon, but the ductus bursae is more elongate, sclerotised and contains spines as illustrated. The forewing has rather reduced fasciation: an oblique postmedial and a longitudinal pair of well separated discal dots as in Holocraspedon.

The genus is monobasic.

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