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Meteugoa Hampson

Type species: ochrivena Hampson, India.

The species in this genus have rather narrow. ovate forewings with dark brown fasciae, dots, shading and striae on a fawn ground. The forewing venation resembles that of Holocraspedon, with two bifurcate systems in the radial sector and no loss of veins from the cell. In the hindwing Rs and M1 are fused, and the crossvein between this vein and M2 is strongly angled (Fig 7f). Such angling also occurs in the forewing in obliquiata Hampson, with M1 connate or stalked with (R4, R5), and M2 likewise with M3.

Fig 7f: Meteugoa ochrivena Hampson

The male genitalia are similar to those of Holocraspedon. Those of the female have a similar appendix bursae and distribution of spining, but the spines are much coarser. The apodemes are short.

The genus contains the species mentioned below. Katmeteugoa van Eecke (type species hampsonia van Eecke) is a monobasic genus from Java that probably also belongs to this complex, as does the next. The venation in Katmeteugoa shows angling of the medial crossveins as in M. obliquiata.

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