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Lobobasis Hampson

Type species: niveimaculata Hampson.

The genus is sexually dimorphic, the males with the forewing costa rather angled subbasally, with dense ochreous (on the costa) and rusty scales surrounding the basal white patch and obscuring the area of the central costal white triangle of the female. The hindwing costa is also modified, folded under to cover a patch of androconial scales; it is thus much deeper than that of the female. These features and the venation are illustrated in Fig 6e.

Fig 6e: Lobobasis niveimaculata Hampson

The male abdomen is typical of the generic complex, but is distinguished in the genitalia by the presence of sclerotised extensions on each side of the aedeagus apex that bear clumps of long spines. These presumably engage with a pair of heavily sclerotised grooves in the neck of the bursa distal to the broad, trapezoid ductus that is shaped and ornamented somewhat as in Padenia.

The genus contains one very widespread species.

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