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Padenia Moore

Type species: transversa Walker, Sri Lanka.

Fig 6g: Padenia transversa Walker

Species in this genus are larger than those of Garudinia, with narrower, more entire brown bands to the forewing. The hindwings are usually white.

The male genitalia are distinguished by reduction of the saccular part of the valve and presence of a long, slender process from the base of the valve costa. This is very variable in form, but usually unequally bifurcate or trifurcate. Ventral to it is a much narrower and shorter rod-like process arising from the centre of the base of the valve. The male abdomen otherwise conforms to the general pattern for this generic complex. The aedeagus vesica is relatively large, only finely scobinate, but with the sclerotisation in the ductus ejaculatorius elongate.

The female genitalia (transversa; Fig 328) have the ductus broad, trapezoid, with the neck of the bursa of similar width, with irregular zones of small, slender spines increasing to where it broadens into the asymmetric corpus bursae, within which there is another arc of spines.

The genus ranges throughout the Indo-Australian tropics to as far east as the Bismarck Is. It is not known from Australia.

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