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Hemonia Walker

Type species: orbiferana Walker, Sri Lanka.

Synonym: Eurodes Turner (type species micrommata Turner, Australia).

The deep, ovate forewings have a number of diagnostic features for this genus. Veins R1 to R4 all meet the costa, and there is a cross-vein between Sc and R1 (Fig 10c). Veins R5 and M1 are connate or stalked and terminate either side of the apex; M2 and M3 are also stalked. The forewing colour is greyish purple except for a rufous discal dot, and there is a narrow costal to marginal darker zone that is more iridescent, and bounded by an evenly curved inner edge where the colour is darkest.

Fig 10c: Hemonia orbiferana Walker

The male genitalia have a slender uncus, simple, undivided valves with an interior field of fine, dorsally directed setae. The aedeagus vesica is globular, usually with several cornuti.

The female abdomen has lateral pockets on the seventh segment (Bornean species) and a generally scobinate (denser centrally in Bornean species) bursa from which a flimsy appendix bursae arises laterally.

Hemonia is restricted to the Indo-Australian tropics, extending to Australia and New Guinea, with six species in the latter.

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