Unassigned, possibly plesiomorphic genera
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Eurosia Hampson

Type species: trimacula Hampson, Sri Lanka.

Eurosia appears to be a repository for a very miscellaneous collection of predominantly Indo-Australian species that have a complete set of veins arising from the cell, and a radial sector branching system and hindwing venation as in Utriculofera. The type species shows strong sexual dimorphism, bipectinate antennae in the male, and an unusual forewing pattern of three black dots arranged longitudinally up the centre in subbasal, antemedial and postmedial positions, the outer two enclosed by the antemedial and postmedial fasciae. The male genitalia are rather short, broad, the valves distally narrow, flimsy, but with a set of sclerotised thorn-like processes and one leg-like one basally. The female genitalia are short, broad, compact, with a comb of spines in the bursa, and rugose lobes each side of the ostium. The single Bornean species included shares none of these definitive features, as noted below; two more have been transferred to Tampea

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