Unassigned, possibly plesiomorphic genera
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Stictosia Hampson

Type species: flexilisana Walker, Borneo.

This is a Sundanian genus. The species are small, with wing venation similar to that of the Macaduma group of the Cisthenini, that of the hindwing as in Macaduma, except Rs and M1 are fused, and Sc bears a small androcornial patch centrally in the male of the type species (Fig 10g). The facies of the forewing is distinctive, ochreous to orange-yellow, with a black discal spot between darker, obliquely arcuate and parallel medial and postmedial fasciae. The hindwings of the females are much darker grey than in males, where they can be almost white. In the male genitalia, there is a setose lobe on each side associated with the ventral extremities of the tegumen. The valve costa gives rise internally to a small appressed spur and the sacculus terminates in a slender spine. The apical part of the valve is rather membranous. The female genitalia have the ductus narrow, short or long. The bursa is generally scobinate, though this is restricted to the basal, more sclerotised half in the type species.

Fig 10g: Stictosia flexilisana Walker

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