Unassigned, possibly plesiomorphic genera
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Unassigned, mostly apomorphic genera

Blavia Walker

Type species: caliginosa Walker, Sarawak.

Synonym: Neoblavia Hampson (type species scoteola Hampson, Sikkim), syn. n.

The male genitalia of Neoblavia share the distinctive features of Blavia, so the two genera are brought into synonymy, despite the androconia and reduction and stalking of forewing veins (Fig 1b) noted by Hampson (1900) for Neoblavia. Both genera are only known from males. The wings are dark brown, the forewings narrow, distally squared. The male genitalia are distinguished by rather small valves, divided in a typical lithosiine fashion with a planar dorsal portion and a more spine-like saccular process. The uncus is rather digitate, set on a tegumen divided and framed by narrow bands of thickening into two adjacent triangles. The vinculum is similarly narrow, but extended to frame a very large, broad saccus. The aedeagus vesica is narrow, elongate, with a terminal cornutus, circular and serrate in Blavia, but a short, blunt spine in Neoblavia.

Fig 1b: Blavia caliginosa Walker

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