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Caeneressa lutosa Holloway comb. n.  
Callitomis lutosa Holloway, 1976: 1.

Caeneressa lutosa (holotype)

The species has a similar disposition of transparent patches to C. sexpuncta, and is a similar size and build, but the dark areas of the wing are paler, brownish, and the transparent patches are larger, tinged slightly yellowish. The male genitalia are similar to those of sexpuncta as discussed under that species, but the valves are shorter, rhomboidal, as illustrated by Holloway (1976).

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype male was taken flying by day over a road at Tenompok, at 1600m on the south side of G. Kinabalu (Holloway, 1976).

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