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Eressa semifusca Hampson
Eressa semifusca
Hampson, 1898: 118.
Eressa semifusca Hampson; Seitz, 1912-1913: 83.

Eressa semifusca

This species cannot be confused with any other: the forewing is broadly blackish grey over more than half the distal part of the wing, and basally transparent. The hindwing is transparent apart from a narrow dark grey border. The abdomen has each segment ringed dull greyish yellow.

Taxonomic notes. The structure of the uncus and tegumen suggests more affinity with Eressa than with other Oriental genera but further material, especially females, is needed to confirm this.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The only Bornean specimen seen is from Ulu Lawas, Sarawak. In the original description Hampson mentioned a specimen from Labuan I. It is therefore likely to be a lowland species.

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