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Asota paphos Fabricius  
Noctua paphos
Fabricius, 1787, Mant. Ins. 2Z: 137.

Asota paphos

The forewings are dark, almost bluish grey with the veins picked out in white and the dorsum more broadly white. The hindwings have a dark grey border with a zig-zag interior margin; basal to this border there is longitudinal dark grey marking.

Taxonomic notes. The Javan race, leuconota Snellen, lacks the dark grey streaking basal to the hindwing border.

Geographical range. N .E. Himalaya, Sundaland.

Habitat preference. During the survey of the G. Mulu National Park four specimens were taken in alluvial forest. Further material has been collected from lowland forest at Labi in Brunei.

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