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Numenes Walker

Type species: siletti Walker, N.E. India, Peninsular Malaysia.

Synonym: Pseudomesa Walker (type species quadriplagiata Walker = siletti).

This genus includes a number of strikingly sexually dimorphic species. In the type species and Sundanian relatives the male is Orgyia-like, though more colourful with a white forewing band and an orange one on the hindwing, and the female is extensively yellow with bold black banding and spotting as illustrated. In the other Bornean species, both male and female are of the female facies type.

The male genitalia are similar to those of Orgyia, including the presence of a digitate process at the base of the notch in the heart-shaped juxta. However, the aedeagus is straight and lacks serrate extensions at the apex, though sometimes has a spur or flange ventrally.

The female genitalia are distinctive, with a longitudinal scobinate band in the bursa similar to that of Calliteara.

The genus is restricted to the Oriental tropics, and does not extend east beyond Java, Borneo and the Philippines. The Chinese species discussed under Numenes by Chao (1983) do not appear, from their male genitalia, to be typical of the genus. They may not even be Orgyiini.

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