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Telochurus Maes

Type species: recens Hübner, Europe.

Maes (1984a) described this genus for a Palaearctic species that appeared misplaced in Orgyia, but generally resembled typical species of that genus in facies, though with some distinction of dark patches basally at the base of the forewing as in the Bornean species transferred to it here. Riotte (1979) transferred recens to Teia Walker. The female is flightless, with wings vestigial. The male of the Bornean species lacks tymbal organs.

The diagnostic features are in the male genitalia, where the gnathus is divided as in the previous two genera but on each side is developed into a crescent-shaped sclerite that flanks the anal tube. The valves are triangular, lacking a dorsal arm. The aedeagus of the type species has a spined, plate-like cornutus, though this is not present in the Bornean species.

The female genitalia resemble those of Clethrogyna and lack a signum.

The larva of the type species is typically orgyiine and is illustrated by Carter & Hargreaves (1986).

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