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Bembina Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: apicalis Walker, Sri Lanka.

Toxopeus (1948) regarded this genus as distinct, but more recent authors (e.g. Nielsen, Edwards & Rangsi, 1996) have included it within Euproctis. The forewing facies of the species is more marbled than in other genera, but is otherwise very variable.

The male abdomen is unusual in the group in lacking tymbals. The uncus is simple or bilobed. The valves are short, deep, usually rather ear-like. The distinctive feature is in the aedeagus where the vesica has a few moderate to large cornuti.

The female genitalia (Bornean species) have the eighth segment a narrow ring, densely invested with small, fine setae. The basal part of the ductus bursae is a sclerotised tube, sometimes with concertina-like transverse wrinkles. The distal part is unsclerotised but thickened, with longitudinal fluting, narrowing distally before expanding into a pyriform bursa that lacks a signum (isabellina) or has a broad but weak one with a transverse flange (albinotata).

The limits of the genus have yet to be ascertained, but it would appear to be
Oriental, not extending further east than Sundaland. Three Bornean species are placed in it, one with host-plant records.

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