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Nygmia sinuinigra Holloway comb. n.  
Euproctis sinuinigra
Holloway, 1976: 48.

Nygmia sinuinigra

The yellow, of the forewing and at the border of the hindwing distinguishes this species from venata. The postmedial is slightly more strongly sinuous and set somewhat more basally. The male genitalia are very similar to those of venata, though the spur on the aedeagus is smaller.

Taxonomic note. The paratype females in the original description are those of a Rhypotoses species (See Rhypotoses ruptata Walker comb.rev).

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype was from lofty montane forest at 1500m on the Pinosuk Plateau of G. Kinabalu. Subsequently, two males have been taken at 1670m on Bukit Pagon and one at 1465m on Bukit Retak in Brunei.

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