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Nygmia exitela Collenette comb. n
Euproctis exitela
Collenette, 1949, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (12), 1: 711.

Nygmia exitela

Nygmia exitela

Diagnosis and taxonomic notes.
In facies, Bornean material of this species resembles peperites and funeralis, discussed above, and is best distinguished by its male genitalia where the dorsal part of the valve is much larger, rounded as in the next two species. Females have the ductus massively and convolutely fluted, expanding towards a broad ostium. Posterior to the ostium is a distinctive sclerite in the form of a double pocket. The signum is absent or a weakly sclerotised pucker. Typical Javan material and that from Sumatra has the forewing pale yellow, only very lightly irrorated with darker scales.

Geographical range. Java, Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The single Bornean male is from lowland forest at 300m in the Ulu Temburong, Brunei. Single females have been taken at about 60m at Labi in Brunei and at 1050m in cultivation at 
Kundasan on the slopes of G. Kinabalu.

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