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Toxoproctis flavolimbata Aurivillius comb. n.  
Euproctis (Artaxa) flavolimbata
Aurivillius, 1894, Ent. Tidskr. 15(2): 174.

Toxoproctis flavolimbata

This and the next species, hemibathes Swinhoe, are similar in facies with, on the forewing at least, a rather bright yellow uniform border to the grey that is both marginal and extends down the costa. The border is narrower in females, and broader in male hemibathes than in flavolimbata. The grey areas are darker in hemibathes and have a somewhat more purplish tinge: this extends to the hindwing where, in the male, the yellow border is more distinct. In the male genitalia, features are as in the previous species, as are those of the female, though a putative Javan female (slide 2699) has virtually no sclerotised tubular section to the ductus. The next species has distinct genitalia in both sexes.

Taxonomic note. The species T. hypolispa Collenette comb. n. from Peninsular Malaysia is based on a female with genitalia as in specimens attributed to hemibathes here. It may therefore be conspecific, but males from Peninsular Malaysia are needed to confirm this. There is also a female of this genitalic type (slide 2701) from Java.

Geographical range. Sundaland.

Habitat preference. Most of the few records are from the lowlands, but one male was taken at 1000m.on G. Mulu.

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