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Toxoproctis layi Schintlmeister comb. n.
Euproctis layi Schintlmeister, 1994: 131.

Toxoproctis layi

The forewing is generally but lightly suffused with dark brown scales on the yellow ground, and has a diagnostic blackish spot submarginally, just posterior to the apex. The hindwings are grey to about four fifths in the male, and entirely so in the female. The male genitalia are similar to those of the preceding species, though the aedeagus is distinctly shorter. The sclerotised section of the female ductus is also shorter and not swollen at its distal end.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Two males were taken in dry heath forest at 15m near Telisai in Brunei during recent surveys. There is also an older female from Kuching in Sarawak.

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