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Micromorphe linta Moore comb. n.  
Artaxa linta Moore, [1860] 1858-9, Cat. Lepid. Insects Mus. E. Ind. Co., 2:351.
Artaxa obscura Moore, [1860] 1858-9, Cat. Lepid. Insects Mus. E. Ind. Co., 2:35 1, syn. n.
Euproctis nubilosa van Eecke, 1928, Zool. Meded. Leiden, 11:121, partim (females).

Micromorphe linta

Micromorphe linta

Sexual dimorphism is extreme, with males almost completely blackish brown except for an orange margin to the apex of the forewing with the black dot. Females are shaded a medium brownish grey, with much more extensive yellow borders, resembling the males of (See Artaxa nubilosa), from which they can be distinguished by the generic venation character.

Taxonomic note. The association of males and females made here, and the consequent synonymy, is based on shared venation features, once Artaxa nubilosa male specimens are excluded from contention. Rearing of both sexes from the same host (see below) also provides support. Schintlmeister (1994) placed nubilosa van Eecke as a synonym of linta, but (See Artaxa nubilosa van Eecke comb.n).

Geographical range. Sundaland.

Habitat preference. All material taken in recent surveys has been from forest localities below 200m, including particularly heath, swamp and coastal forests on acid soils in Brunei.

Biology. Material of both sexes in BMNH from Peninsular Malaysia has been reared from Terminalia (Combretaceae).

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