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Artaxa hemixantha Collenette comb. n.
Euproctis hemixantha
Collenette, 1938, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (11), 2: 380.
Euproctis rufibasis
Holloway, 1976: 45, syn. n.

Artaxa hemixantha

Artaxa hemixantha

The facies is similar to that of (See Toxoproctis hemixanthoides sp. n.), but the male genitalia are typical of Artaxa, with the processes flanking the uncus relatively robust and slightly inturned. The hindwing margin is a paler yellow than that of the forewing in hemixanthoides but the same shade in hemixantha. A possible female (genitalic features are similar to those of the next species; slide 1150) is illustrated above. On the underside, all wings are shaded pale brownish grey over the basal half.

Taxonomic note. A specimen from G. Mulu with similar genitalia (slide 1718) has a more uniform yellow forewing and a uniformly dark grey hindwing.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotypes of hemixantha and rufibasis are from G. Kinabalu, that of the latter from 1620m. The specimen from G. Mulu referred to was from 1790m. The female is from 1930m on G. Kinabalu.

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