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Medama Matsumura

Type species: basimaculatum Matsumura, Taiwan, = diplaga Hampson, India (Assam).

The genus consists of small, rather delicate species, variable in colour, but with a similar course to the forewing fasciae. The forewing is rather narrow, the apex somewhat produced. The postmedial is sinuous, convex basad over the dorsal half, opposing a similar convexity on the antemedial.

The male abdomen has tymbals. The genitalia have a simple, rather elongate uncus, simple, tapering valves (broadest in the type species), and a juxta with a pair of small triangular processes. No diagnostic features have been detected in the female.

Apart from the type species and the two Bornean ones, the genus also includes M. phaea Hampson (N.E. Himalaya) and M. emeiensis Chao, though the male genitalia of the latter appear atypical.

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