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 "Euproctis” sarawacensis Talbot  
Nygmia sarawacensis Talbot, 1926, Sarawak Mus. J., 3 (2): 141

 "Euproctis” sarawacensis (holotype)

Diagnosis and taxonomic note.
This and the next species have similar forewing venation and facies. The radial system of the forewing has lost a vein, possibly through fusion of R3 and R4. R2 branches off much more distally in sarawacensis. The forewing discal spot is weaker in sarawacensis, but both species have white forewings and white-bordered grey hindwings on the upperside, with all wings grey basal to the medial zone on the underside. The thorax in both is pale orange. However, sarawacensis is considerably larger. The genitalia also show similarities, with the ostium set in an unusual double pouch, and with pseudopapillae almost as large as the ovipositor lobes. The ductus and bursa appear to be very flimsy and have rotted away in the material dissected.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. Only the holotype and one paratype, both females, are known, taken at about 2000m on G. Murud in Sarawak.

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