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"Euproctis” sp. 1151  
Euproctis nigribasalis Swinhoe sensu Holloway, 1976: 48.

"Euproctis” sp. 1151

Two female specimens referred to nigribasalis by Holloway (1976) proved to be different on closer examination. The forewings are narrower, the discal spot relatively larger, rounder. The bases of all wings are black, but the thorax is tinged orange. The wings are similar below, the hindwing also with a weak discal spot. The venation is not modified, resembling that of the majority of the genera preceding. The genitalia have a deep lamella vaginalis that lacks any pouches. There are no obvious candidate males. Both specimens were taken on the Park H.Q. to Power Station road on G. Kinabalu, one flying freely by day at 1660m, and the other to light at night at 1760m.

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