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Choerotricha Felder Gen. rev.

Type species: glandulosa Felder =atrosquama Walker, Philippines.

The facies of this genus typically includes some oblique fasciation on the forewing, more intense towards the dorsum, but the diagnostic features are again in the male genitalia.

The male abdomen has tymbals. The uncus is represented by two spines or lobes. The valves are short, deep, with variable separation of a narrower dorsal part from the rest. The saccus is broad and deep. The aedeagus vesica is ornamented with irregular fields of spines that are directed basad.

The female genitalia have the ductus basally sclerotised and distally thickened much as in Bembina, but the sclerotised basal part broadens to the ostium. The bursa lacks a signum.

The genus is currently restricted to the type species and those described below. Kishida (1993: fig 221) illustrated the genitalia of a Nepalese species, his Euproctis species 7, that may also be a Choerotricha.

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