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Lymantria kinta Collenette
Lymantria kinta
Collenette, 1932, Novit. zool., 38: 97.

Lymantria kinta

Lymantria kinta

Diagnosis and taxonomic notes.
This species and the final two are closely related, together with L. sarantuja Schintlmeister (Sumatra) and a dark species in Java with genitalia similar to kinta (slide 721) that may be distinct. All have similar facies and distinctive elongate male genitalia with spine-like, undivided valves. L. kinta has more robust, incurved valves and a well defined but short saccus (also seen in the Javan species). The discal chevron of the forewing is entire as in sarantuja, a similar, rather uniform, pale species, but has more acute submarginal lunules at the forewing tornus that are more heavily filled with dark brown; the valves are much longer and straight. The female illustrated by Schintlmeister (1994) as that of kinta is probably that of the new species described below.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. All records are from lowland forest. The species is much less common than the next.

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