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Perina sunda sp. n. 
Perina nuda Fabricius sensu Schintlmeister, 1994: 135.

Perina sunda (paratype)

Perina sunda (paratype)

16-19mm, 22mm. See the generic account above for diagnosis of the female: the basal dark zone of the hindwing is more extensive than in lodra. The males are indistinguishable in facies from black males of nuda and those of lodra and psamma. The valves of the male genitalia are shorter and broader than in nuda and psamma; in lodra they are very much larger and lack distal setae. The uncus is diagnostically squarely shouldered. The aedeagus is similar to that of lodra.

Holotype  SARAWAK: Gunung Mulu Nat. Park, R.G.S. Exped. 1977-8 (J.D. Holloway et al.) Site 26, April, G. Api, 1200m, 428545, open scrub; BM lymantriid slide 2687.

Paratypes: 1 as holotype (slide 2680); 8 (slide 2319) general data as holotype, but Site 23, April, W. Melinau Gorge, 250m, 430558, FEG 4, limestone forest; 2 BRUNEI: 300m, Ulu Temburong, rainforest (Lt. Col. M.G. Allen); 2 BRUNEI: 30-60m, Labi, lowland forest (Lt. Col. M.G. Allen); 1 (slide 2686) BRUNEI: 1618m, Bukit Retak, montane forest, 14.9.1979 (Lt. Col. M.G. Allen); 1 Dutch West BORNEO: 85 miles above Pontianak (Simons et Meligan (Sanggan)) ex Jansson, April 1909.

Geographical range. Sundaland, Philippines.

Habitat preference. The species is perhaps commoner in lowland forest but has been recorded from as high as 1618m on Bukit Retak. During the Mulu survey it was taken in moderate numbers only on the limestone G. Api at 250m and at 1200m.

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