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Dendrophleps Hampson

Type species: semihyalina Hampson.

The wings are very much deeper than in Leucoma, the males having transparent areas as illustrated. Females are white, fully scaled, resembling large Leucoma. The venation is generally similar, though some of the peripheral veins show strong curvature, with M2 and M3 stalked on both fore- and hindwings, sometimes strongly so. There is a diagnostic row of oblique veinlets between A2
and the dorsal margin on the hindwing. The male antennae are prominent, black, and the forelegs are orange, with white rings distally on the tarsal segments. The abdominal tergites have transverse black bands and there is a pair of black spots on the thorax.

The male genitalia are as illustrated, the vinculum laterally broadened, the valves relatively small with the right one twice the size of the left.

Apart from the species described below, the genus includes two species from further east: lobipennis Swinhoe (Dorey, Roon I., in the Geevinck Bay of New Guinea); chionobosca Collenette (New Guinea, Bismarcks).

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