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This tribe is erected to contain three closely related genera that do not fall readily within the other tribes. The definitive features include: a reddening of the frontal part of the body (head, legs and thorax) ventrally; asymmetric male genitalia, including the uncus. The wings are pale, usually white, in at least the female, and sometimes have translucent areas in the male. There is no discal mark on the forewing.

The female genitalia have a strongly developed, thickened (but not sclerotised) and convolute ductus, and the signum, when present, is a transverse flange.

The larvae that are known often have red or orange verrucae. Gardner (1938) noted that Perina and Leucoma (ochripes Moore) had paired glands on protruberances dorsally on A1 and A2. These are on separate swellings in ochripes but united in Perina. The supraspiracular and postspiracular verrucae on the abdominal segments are large and contiguous as in Lymantria. Pupation is in a loose cradle of silk as in the Arctornithini.

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