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Arctornis corrugata Toxopeus comb. n
Redoa corrugata Toxopeus, 1948, Treubia, 19: 463.

    Redoa corrugata
Toxopeus; Mackey, 1984: 6.
Redoa sp. 2, 9; Holloway, 1976: 43, 45.

Arctornis corrugata

The facies is much as in the previous three species, so dissection is necessary for identification. The uncus is similarly narrow. The valves are rectangular, broadened slightly distally, with a slender harpe, apically bulbous but not acute, extending well beyond the distal margin. It is slightly flexed down centrally.

Taxonomic note. A specimen labelled by Collenette as having been compared with the type of A. adusta Toxopeus comb. n. had genitalia referable to corrugata. Both these taxa are stated by Toxopeus (1948) to have the forewing costal edge ochreous. It is only narrowly so in material under study here. The identity is established from the paratype examined by Mackey (1984).

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra.

Habitat preference. The species ranges from the lowlands to 1620m (Kinabalu records). During the Mulu survey it was found to be particularly common in lowland forest at 250m on the slopes of the limestone G. Api.

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