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Arctornis rhopica Toxopeus comb. n. 
Redoa rhopica Toxopeus, 1948, Treubia, 19: 462.
Redoa rhopica Toxopeus; Mackey, 1984: 6.

Arctornis rhopica

When fresh, this species could be confused with A. poecilonipha (See A. poecilonipha Collenette comb.n), particularly the larger female, but the irregularities in the satiny white forewings are finer, the black discal spot smaller, and the grey at the distal margins of the wings is more uniform in width, also on the underside. Frons, palps and extensive areas of the foretibia are rufous brown, although tending in the first and second to grade paler ventrally. The male genitalia are distinctive, with a large recurved spine at the base of the sacculus as well as the harpe, a triangular process at the base of the valve costa, and, also on the valve, a subapical interior flap. The uncus is strongly setose.

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra (Schintlmeister, MS).

Habitat preference. The species has been taken infrequently in a range of lowland forest types and also in lower montane forest (1000m on G. Mulu).

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