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Arctornis egerina Swinhoe comb. n.  
Leucoma egerina Swinhoe, 1893, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (6), 12: 213.
Redoa egerina gymnophleps Collenette, 1938, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (11), 2: 371.

Arctornis egerina

This is a distinctive species with wing veins and margins (particularly the forewing costa) picked out brownish amid a white ground with, on the forewing and tornal zone of the hindwing, a fine, transverse, rippled pattern produced by narrower ridges of broader scales amid more translucent zones of narrow, forked scales. There is a broad dark bar on the frons between the antennae and brown spots on the legs. The palps are apically white, but brindled with brown laterally basal to this. The male genitalia have a downwardly directed apical hook to the valves, and rather short harpes that are apically acute in the typical race, but broader and blunt in ssp. gymnophleps.

Geographical range. Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo; Sumatra (ssp. gymnophleps).

Habitat preference. The species is uncommon in lowland rain forest.

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