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Somera Walker

Somera viridifusca Walker
Somera viridifusca Walker, 1855, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus. 4: 882; 
        Kiriakoff 1968: 139.

Somera viridifusca

The bright green of the forewings of this and the next species is distinctive. Both have a brown patch in the medial area; in viridifusca it extends right across but in virens it is only half the area and set in the distal half. S. viridifusca does not have an irregular submarginal row of dark brown spots, though there are some light brown patches. Differences between the male genitalia were described by Holloway (1982a: 208).

Taxonomic note. Subspecific variation in this and the next species is currently being studied by A. Schintlmeister.

Geographical range. N. E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Sundaland, Philippines, Sulawesi.

Habitat preference. This species is much rarer than the next but, like it, has been taken from the lowlands to 2000 m.

Biology. The larva of Indian viridifusca was described by Sevastopulo (1938 - 1947 (16)). The head is greyish-white with olive markings at the clypeus; there is a J-shaped black lateral streak. The upper part of the body is yellow- green with a double yellow dorsal line that is bordered laterally by a white stripe that grades yellow anteriorly on the thorax, is edged black on the second thoracic segment and contains cherry-red spots on more posterior segments. The area below the subdorsal stripe is green. The spiracles are cream, edged black posteriorly. The legs, prolegs and venter are bluer green. Pupation is subterranean.

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