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Phalera banksi sp. n.  

Phalera banksi

29-30 m. This species is larger than styx, the ground colour of the forewings a paler grey so that the markings are more evident. The main diagnostic features are in the male genitalia. The species is externally similar to P. mangholda Schaus comb. n. from the Philippines and has been recorded as such from Sumatra (Bender & Dierl 1977). However, the uncus of the male genitalia is much shallower, with a distinctive declivity in the centre of the dorsal surface, and with the lateral margin rounded rather than with a ventrally directed angle; the gnathal processes are set further apart and are less robust. The valves are somewhat longer, with the various processes relatively larger. The eighth sternite of the male abdomen lacks the two central pockets seen in mangholda and, reduced, in melantata and erconvalda; in styx there is a deep distal cleft, the end of which is flanked by acute, anteriorly directed processes.

Holotype Peninsular Malaysia (S/Lr. J.L.C. Banks) Maxwell's Hill, BM notodontid slide 973.

Paratype: 1 as holotype.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, ?Borneo.

Habitat preference. The single Bornean female (illustrated) tentatively attributed to this species was taken at Mesilau (1500 m), G. Kinabalu, in majestic montane forest by Dr J. Smart.

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