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Phalera sundana Holloway  
Phalera sundana
Holloway, 1982a: 201.

Phalera sundana

See Phalera grotei Moore.

Geographical range. Sundaland, including Bali, Mindanao.

Habitat preference. Common in lowland rain forest of most types; in the Mulu survey it was found to be most abundant in alluvial forest and kerangas.

Biology. In Borneo the species has been found to enter light-traps more often in the second half of the night.

Semper (1896-1902) illustrated a larva attributed to Phalera raya Moore but which probably belongs to either sundana or surigaona Schaus (endemic Philippine species of the grotei group). It is hairy, pale greyish above, yellow below, with a deep red lateral band separating the two colours; the bases of the legs are black.

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