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Omichlis Hampson

 Omichlis dimorpha Kiriakoff  
Omichlis dimorpha Kiriakoff, 1974: 399; Holloway 1976: 56, fig. 363.

 Omichlis dimorpha

 Omichlis dimorpha

This species is variable, the form with the posterior veins of the forewing picked out in dark brown being unmistakable. Otherwise, the most distinctive features are the uniformity of the reddish fawn of the forewing, the depth of the wing and slightly angular distal margin, and the pale yellow reniform.

Taxonomic note. The genus is most diverse in New Guinea, with a few species in Queensland and the Bismarcks. The only other Oriental species is rufotincta Hampson (Burma, N.E. Himalaya, ?Sumatra (Bender & Dierl 1977))

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species has been taken infrequently in forested habitats from the lowlands to about 1500 m. In the Mulu survey it was slightly more frequent in lower montane forest.

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