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Norraca sordida Roepke  
Turnaca sordida
Roepke, 1943, Natuurhist. Maandbl. Maastricht 32: 103.
Norraca formosicola sordida Roepke; Kiriakoff, 1968: 81.
Norraca xanthophila Walker [ssp. straminea Roepke]; sensu Holloway, 1976: 55, fig. 357,
         identified from Kiriakoff, 1962:193.
Norraca sordida Roepke; Bender & Dierl, 1977: 121.

Norraca sordida

See Norraca sabulosa Kiriakoff.

Taxonomic notes. The original identification by Holloway (1976) was based on Kiriakoff's (1962) treatment where male genitalia were illustrated. The holotype of xanthophila Walker proves to be very similar to that of Bireta longivitta Walker, a synonymy hinted at but not pursued by Kiriakoff (1968: 80). Both holotypes have male genitalia as illustrated for longivitta, the type species of Bireta Walker, by Kiriakoff (1962: fig. 12, pl. 63). The placing of straminea as a subspecies of xanthophila by Kiriakoff was probably due to an erroneous concept of the latter.

Examination of both Roepke's original descriptions and genitalia illustrations suggests that the Bornean specimens are better referred to sordida rather than straminea, the latter only having a single spine at the aedeagus apex. N. straminea has a more emphatic, curved, grey, central, longitudinal band to the forewing. Kiriakoff (1962) placed sordida as a subspecies of formosicola Strand but it was regarded as a good species by Bender & Dierl (1977).

Geographical range. Sumatra, Java, Borneo.

Habitat preference. On G. Kinabalu it was taken in secondary vegetation and cultivated areas at about 1200 m and also in similar habitat at Tuaran in the lowlands.

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